Massage for horses

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  • A book to accompany the online massage course

    By Gillian Higgins

    This workbook belongs to the online massage course for horse owners is a step by step guide that will give you the confidence and skills to massage your horse with soft tissue techniques that really make a difference to equine comfort, health and performance.

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  • Learning massage for your horse can help to improve mobility, suppleness, flexibility and posture as well as helping with mental relaxation and contentment.

    ​Massage is a superb opportunity to develop the bond between you and your horse. 

    In this online massage course, learn:-

    • the principles of massage including the benefits,
    • different types and when not to massage,
    • all about the importance of Posture, energy and grounding
    • how to evaluate your horse’s behaviour and reactions,
    • learn all about the muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints relevant to massage and pressure through an anatomical painting session.

     ​From clear demonstrations with a multiple horses you will learn how to assess your horses back for soreness and tension as well as a variety of different massage techniques including

    • myofascial release techniques,
    • effleurage,
    • petrissage,
    • kneading,
    • cross fibre massage,
    • frictions, 
    • tapotement techniques.

     As well as giving you a number of different example routines you will also learn how to tailor massage to suit you, your horse and the aims of different massage from maintenance to warm up, relaxation and detox massage to deep tissue massage. Whatever discipline or activities you do with your horse he will benefit from massage. We all want the best for our horses and as they do so much for us, Learning how to massage is a great way of giving back something back.

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