Compassionate training for today's sport Horse

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  • Biomechanics in four dimensions - The key to improving posture, balance and strength

    By Karin Leibbrandt DVM

    How to teach your horse to get the correct length in the neck and balance himself in the 4 dimensions; vertically, horizontally, laterally and diagonally, you can read in my book “Compassionate Training for Today’s Sport Horse; Biomechanics in Four Dimensions, The Key to improving Posture, Balance and Strength”.

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  • 4DimensionDressage is developed by Karin Leibbrandt DVM, it is a new approach to training that is fully consistent with equine anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. It is for every horse, but places special emphasis on what modern sports horses need in order to stay healthy and free of injury.

    It is a horse-friendly approach to training: the horse remains sound and builds on his strength by being trained according to the method’s principles. The horse’s durability is extended and the risk of injuries sharply reduced. He enjoys his training sessions, his physical and mental confidence grows as he is encouraged to develop in a positive way.

    By teaching the horse to balance his body perfectly, he is helped to maintain optimum movement with the least possible amount of physical exertion. He does not waste energy compensating for faulty balance, moves harmoniously and effortlessly achieves the best possible results in training and competition.

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